Yvette in San Fransisco!

This weekend was amazing!  Traveled ten hours in a way-too-long car ride, but was able to make new friends during the ride, which definitely takes some of the pain out of long car trips.  Learned a lot, a lot, a lot about something that’s changed the way I see health that I am going to start sharing with people all over Utah (more on that in a future post).  I’m really excited to get that going.  But just being in San Fransisco, back in good old California, felt sooo good.  I wish it had been LA though, because being north was just way too cold for me.  I’m not ready for scarves and earmuffs yet, but they were definitely things that I was missing.  After all the conferences and the learning, Chelsea (my lovely future sister in law) and I decided to go to Fisherman’s Wharf and have some fun.  Unfortunately, after being in Mexico for a summer, public transportation here in the states seemed so so expensive to me and we didn’t want our bus pass to expire and have to buy a new one so we only hung out for a couple of hours.  But we managed to:

  • buy fudge and cookies for friends
  • stare at Alcatraz for about a second
  • take some pictures
  • eat a very plain caesar salad
  • take the wrong BART train

Ok, well now that I read that list, it’s not super exciting, but we were having fun so everything seemed exciting.  Anyway, I’m excited to come back and see more of this city!

That is Chelsea and me on our way to the city.  And yes, she was giving fashion advice all night.  🙂
Also! Someone read this and talk to me!  It is my current obsession and I don’t usually talk to people about books, but I think Malcolm Gladwell is a genius and I think it would be fun to talk about.  So out of the probably five people who end up reading this, I hope someone wants to.

So there you go, San Fransisco and Malcolm Gladwell inspired me this week.


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