I told myself I would never start a blog.  I have this thing where I don’t like to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to trends because you always have the people who say “well, I liked it first” or the haters who think you are copying them, which obviously makes you, you know, unoriginal.  So for a while that kept me from liking Jack Johnson, following fashion trends I saw online, and starting a blog.  But here I am.  I’m not worried about that anymore because no one is going to tell me what I can and can’t like.  And I realized that I like blogging!  If it’s for a school assignment, I hate it.  But if it’s for me, then I feel it’s like writing a book for myself.  And why not have some incredibly public, sometimes humiliating, online diary?  Sounds fun to me!  I say sometimes humiliating because I’m sure I’ll have days where I write stuff I’ll regret.  I love that you can delete stuff from the internet.

So I’m hoping to use this blog to write about the stuff that inspires me, like food, or a bike ride through the mountains, or a really good movie or book.  Or a memory.  Anyway, all my friends have these cute little blogs about their awesome lives and they inspired me to have one of my own.  I’ll try not to make this a marriage blog about how much I love my husband (now fiance), but he’s what inspires me the most, so deal with it, friends, if you hear a lot about him.  Also, I have this “awesome” camera phone which I will use to take pictures.  So sorry about the normalness of my pictures.



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